Real Estate Weekly Calls Snapdocs Giant Leap for Loan Closings

Real Estate Weekly (REW) recently published an article on how Snapdocs Enterprise is modernizing mortgage loan closings. The story, “Loan closing automation takes a giant leap,” details the new offering and relays commentary from Snapdocs CEO Aaron King.

As explained in the piece, the Snapdocs Enterprise suite of tools “further reduces redundant back-office administrative tasks related to the mortgage process, particularly out-of-office mortgage loan closings, which are on the rise.”

Snapdocs Enterprise was developed to meet the demands of dozens of large-scale national title and settlement companies joining Snapdocs this year, but it also provides significant advantages to regional title and settlement companies. Namely, the platform provides a unifying layer of control and compliance during critical steps of the closing process.

According to King:

“Lenders have come to expect a level of service and compliance that companies can’t deliver without the right technology…Facilitating more than 40,000 mortgage closings every month makes Snapdocs uniquely positioned to put interesting workflow data into the hands of a talented engineering team tasked with building a new standard in modern closing technology.”

In an industry where settlement companies live or die by notary quality, Snapdocs’ signing agent verification feature gives mortgage lenders and title companies confidence in the third-party vendors with whom they choose to work.

Kim Dusseault, Chief Operating Officer of Equity National Title, explains:

“Connecting our borrowers with high-quality signing professionals is a commitment of Equity National Title, although it’s not an easy task without the right technology…Snapdocs’ enterprise technology platform is the central point of truth for us, as we push to meet SLAs and drive a premium borrower experience without tapping additional resources.”

As the REW article points out, Snapdocs Enterprise also paves the way for companies wanting oversight of closing operations across multiple offices. By driving identical workflows across a shared database of notaries, enterprise companies closing a high volume of loans have a centralized system for pulling audit reports and driving compliance.

To learn more about Snapdocs Enterprise, contact the Snapdocs team at or 1 (866) 930-0601.